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Aug 04, 2016

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Project Competition

Competition to receive an early (by end of August!) LimeSDR

We can’t help but wonder to what uses you might put a LimeSDR if you were provided with access ahead of the campaign shipping…..

We’ve already been amazed by the achievements of those in the community who we were able to provide with early access to LimeSDR hardware. From receiving weather satellites, to running 2G and 4G cellular base stations, and even HD TV broadcasting — the uses to which LimeSDR has been put in a very short period of time far exceeded our expectations.

With this in mind we’ve decided to run a competition, the winner of which will receive a LimeSDR board plus acrylic case, shipped out to them on Friday 28th August. The LimeSDR order you’ve already placed will be sent at the regularly scheduled ship date.

The competition is only open to campaign backers and does not include pre-orders placed after the campaign closed.

To enter the competition please send an e-mail to from the address that you used with your Crowd Supply pledge and include the following:

The competition closes at 09:00 UTC on Friday 19th August. Following which the LimeSDR development team will review all entries and pick the one deemed the best, based on a combination of the proposed application and demonstrable experience.

Please note that:

Both the standard and competition terms and conditions apply.

Good Luck!

Andrew and the LimeSDR Team

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