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Oct 06, 2016

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Digital Design Competition Winner Announced

We’re delighted to announce that Charles Brain is the winner of our digital design competition, with a proposal to build an FPGA-based RF channel simulator.

A veteran designer of advanced communications systems, Charles’ competition entry was driven by his own needs and of the project he says, “Currently there are a number of open-source channel simulators available but these tend to be PC based and only implement a narrowband model suitable for HF channel simulation. What I am proposing is a Wideband model suitable for testing modern wideband modes such as DVB-S2, LTE etc.”

Full details about Charles’s entry can be found on the Myriad RF blog here A great entry, I’m sure you will agree, and a fantastic example of how LimeSDR can be put to use in accelerating wireless innovation and making it accessible to many more people!

Andrew and the LimeSDR team

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