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Jun 28, 2016

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LimeSDR Enterprise Certification

Today we are excited to announce that we have launched a new enterprise initiative for LimeSDR.

The ‘LimeSDR Enterprise Certification’ is a new pledge level aimed at encouraging and assisting Telecoms enterprises to be part of our wireless revolution.

This initiative will encourage and assist telecom operators, IoT innovators, network equipment vendors, system integrators and other organisations by providing training and an introduction to LimeSDR.

By purchasing this new pledge level, which is $15,000 (not including airfare), organisations will receive 10 LimeSDRs with high quality casing, antennas and software. Plus, they will be invited to a one-day training for up to 10 delegates at the Lime Microsystems head office in Guildford, UK.

Our intention for the training is to give team members a thorough understanding of how to set up the LimeSDR, package a wireless protocol as an app, and use it to demonstrate their skills in configuring a wireless network. On completion of the certification, enterprises will be listed on the Lime Micro website, ensuring that solutions can be accessed by all.

We are excited about this opportunity for telecoms operators and other enterprises to educate their mobile and IoT teams, and help continue to create the vibrant ecosystem of developers and enterprises driving forward the new possibilities offered by low-cost software defined radio.

Pass it on.


Jessica and the LimeSDR team

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