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Sep 22, 2017

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GPIO Board and Hacker Case

We are pleased to announce two new accessories for the LimeSDR: the GPIO Board and Hacker Case. Pre-orders placed now will be delivered in December 2017.

A LimeSDR and the new GPIO Board

GPIO Board

We designed the GPIO Board for use with the LimeSDR, to enable sensing inputs and controlling relays for TX/RX switching, filter selection, etc. Here are the details:

Soon we will provide the schematics, board layout, etc. of this fully open source design, as well as Python example code.

Perfect for applications such as amateur radio and test and measurement, where it’s necessary to control things such as coaxial relays and sense signals from power amplifiers and the like.

Hacker Case fitted with a LimeSDR and GPIO Board

Hacker Case

We designed this new acrylic case to accommodate both the LimeSDR and matching GPIO Board or an LMS8001 Companion, together with SMA connectors for all RF ports and CLK I/O. A 40 mm cooling fan is included, but the SMA connectors will need to be sourced separately.

Andrew and the LimeSDR team

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