CANtact Pro

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An open source tool for talking to Controller Area Network (CAN) devices and hacking cars

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Documentation, Design Files, and Open Source Hardware

by Eric E

This week’s update will briefly go over the documentation design files for CANtact Pro.

With the release of this device, we’ve moved relevant documentation for the original CANtact and CANtact Pro to The CANtact Book. This documentation is generated from the cantact-book repository on Github.

While the main focus of The CANtact Book is to provide documentation to CANtact users, there are also tips and tricks for using CAN tools in general. We’ll try to continue to add this content based on common questions.

We’ve also released the hardware and firmware files for the CANtact Pro. The firmware can be built using NXP’s free MCUXpresso tool. The hardware design can be edited using KiCad.

CANtact Pro schematic.

CANtact Pro schematic.

The design files have been submitted to the Open Source Hardware Association for review. CANtact Pro should officially be an open source hardware device very soon!

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