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Ultra-reflective urban-oriented bike tires.

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LIT Tire Production Update

Hello LIT backers,

We hit a small bump in tire production that’s set our delivery date back by a month.

By all accounts, the LIT Tires ride great. The performance characteristics and visibility are spectacular.

The hold-up in production concerns a "ghosting" effect left by the reflective material. Though small in appearance, this did not meet our quality standards.

Here’s what we’re talking about (circled in red).

Apparently the initial reflective sidewall material we used was susceptible to leaving residual inscriptions on the tire mold. When a new tire was pressed, this residue reproduced a "ghost" label on subsequent tires. As a solution, we had our factory order new reflective sidewall materials that would resist the ghosting text. These new samples have since passed testing without any ghost prints.

At this point, we don’t expect any further challenges to our quality control and production process. We’ll receive our next round of prototypes and pending their anticipated perfection give the green light to our first run of production tires.

At this stage, we have had to revise our delivery from October to November. As thanks for your understanding, we’re offering everyone who backed the "2 LIT Tires" pledge level with a complimentary LIT t-shirt. What you’ll need to claim your LIT t-shirt: -email Patrick at with your order number and preferred t-shirt size. -Note: t-shirts run a little large and come in S, M, L, XL

Anyway, we hope you’re all enjoying fall wherever you are.

Thanks again for the understanding. We’ll send an update once we’ve received our next round of production-run tires for approval.

Very best, Patrick

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LIT was founded in Portland, OR, the bicycle commuting capital of the country to design, market, and sell the new 360 Ultra Reflective.

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