Open Game Station

A modular, open hardware gaming platform for classic 8-bit games

Aug 20, 2020

Project update 4 of 8

Beyond Games

by Longan Lab

Open Game Station is all about developing and playing retro-style games.

As we discussed last week, however, the Longan Labs ecosystem is about much more than that.

Other Player Kits

Open Game Station is but one of Player Kits that we provide. Below, we would like to introduce two more. All of the Open Game Station modules can be used with the Open Sensor Pad and the Open Vehicle Platform.

Open Sensor Pad

Assemble the kit to make a sensor pad and use it to explore the world around you. The Sensor Display Board allows the Carduino to render data—captured by various extensible sensor modules—onto an OLED screen. If you need more edge-connector slots, you can plug in an Extension board just like the one on the Open Game Station Pro.

Open Vehicle Platform

Assemble the kit to make a vehicle that you can control in various ways. Add sensors and other modules to make it smarter, program it to follow a line, or steer it with a remote control.

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