Open Game Station

A modular, open hardware gaming platform for classic 8-bit games

Sep 14, 2020

Project update 5 of 8

Extending Our Campaign Through October 1st

by Longan Lab

Thank you to everyone who has supported Open Game Station so far. Over the past few weeks, we have been unable to post regular updates highlighting the features of Open Game Station. We still have much to say about it, however, so we’ve decided—in consultation with Crowd Supply—to extend our campaign through Thursday, October 1st.

Between now and then, we intend to publish a number of updates that provide detailed, technical information about Open Game Station. Later this week, we will post a walkthrough that covers everything you need to know to write or modify the firmware of a card module. The following week, we will discuss the hardware on which that firmware runs.

Thanks again for the support. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!

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