Bridging Arduino to breadboard with no jumper wires

Jun 13, 2019

Project update 4 of 7

First Production Batch!

The exciting moment has come! As we promised to early backers, first 100 kits and 20 assembled BreadShields will be shipped to Crowd Supply (almost) right after the campaign concludes. So now is the time to place the first production order, which consists of 150 BreadShields. It is expected to finish in 3-5 days. Stay tuned!

One more thing: Those who ordered kit version of BreadShield will receive two 1x40 pin header strips, instead of one originally posted. You can break up the second 1x40 pin header strip to replace the stackable pin headers. While our stackable pin headers are stronger than common stackable pin headers, the male pin headers are definitely much stronger and thus bend-proof. Oh, and the price remains the same.

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