Bridging Arduino to breadboard with no jumper wires

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BreadShield is a shield that maps Arduino pins to breadboard ties without jumper wires. It inserts into both of them, bridging them together mechanically, electrically, and firmly.

The Arduino shield that breadboards have been waiting for.

Before and after; messy jumper wires vs. clean, simple BreadShield.

Using jumper wires gets messy and tedious

Many projects start with connecting an Arduino and a breadboard using jumper wires. But jumper wires can easily become too many to manage. They clutter easily. It’s tedious to connect, trace, or debug them. Connections can easily come loose by your clumsy fingers, transportation bumps, or your pets. Plus, the breadboard and the Arduino cannot be quickly unhooked and rehooked.

BreadShield makes bridging Arduino to breadboards easy

Replace your mess of jumper wires with one shield. BreadShield maps standard Arduino Uno R3 pins to one row of pins, which can be inserted into a breadboard. Enjoy having all Arduino pins on your breadboard instantly, or swapping with a different breadboard swiftly. And never worry about if the connections got messed up with the swap! Signal names are labeled along the edge of the BreadShield, so you don’t have to track back-and-forth between Arduino and the breadboard.

Eliminate excess jumper wires

For example, it takes 11 jumper wires to connect Arduino with an HD44780 display. Ten of them, or over 90% of them, are eliminated when using BreadShield.

Before and after; using BreadShield to connect Arduino with an HD44780 display.

No more choosing between shields or breadboards

You no longer have to make a choice between using existing shields and using a breadboard - with BreadShield, you can use both! For example, see this wireless LED display using an Xbee shield and LEDs on the breadboard:

BreadShield is Open Source

Last but not least, it’s open hardware. We plan to make our Github repo public with all design files and our thoughts in iterating the prototypes.

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