Bridging Arduino to breadboard with no jumper wires

May 28, 2019

Project update 2 of 7

Thank You, First Production Batch, and Your Feedback

First of all, we owe all of you who have backed this project a big thank you. Without you, we could not have reached the goal in such a short time.

As of the end of Thursday, May 24, 2019, the orders total at 105 kits and 22 assembled BreadShields, just across our threshold of early orders (first 100 kits and first 20 assembled). As we promised, early orders will be sent to Crowd Supply immediately after the campaign concludes. To meet that deadline, the first batch of production will start in about a week from now.

Speaking of production, please let us know about any design changes you’d like to see, or specifications you’d like to confirm, before we commence the first batch. For example, the thumb hole introduced in v0.3 (see the figures in "auto-alignment" and "open hardware" sections). We also got some suggestions to support Arduino Nano. Use this survey form to let us hear your voices by June 4 (Tuesday). Although we are collecting feedback, it does not mean that any modification will happen. Our principle is to give backers what they saw when they backed.

Please note that the stackable headers on the BreadShield that you will receive are more high-quality than the common stackable headers, such as these. Pay attention to the pictures for v0.3, such as the two photos below

Breadshield V0.3 with the thumb hole.

Unlike common ones, the stackable headers have 2.54mm-high "bulges" between the female plastic insulator (8.5mm-high) and the long pins (13mm-high). The "bulges" allow the pins to be thicker than those of regular stackable headers, and thus more bend-proof.

We have suffered a lot from bending the thin but long pins on Arduino shield boards. With the thick-pin bulge-style stackable headers, the pins are more likely to remain straight and aligned after you pull BreadShield out of an Arduino Uno carelessly. Yes, it took us a while to find them, and they are more expensive. But it’s our pleasure to give you a better experience.

Thanks again and we will keep you posted about the first batch of production. If you have any concerns or suggestions, use the survey form linked above to let us know.

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