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Tiny-but-mighty 4K, 60 FPS camera solution for computer vision powered by Myriad X

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Camera Quality of megaAI

by Brandon G

Hello World!

First off, we want to say THANK YOU! megaAI has been funded and is even adding to the total beyond that, and we’re so thankful that this product and technology we’ve worked so hard on is being seen by and embraced by so many people. DepthAI is gaining momentum and it is thanks to you, the community. But since we’re here, we might as well talk about a kickass feature of megaAI: camera quality.

Without a high-quality camera, any spatial computing computer vision task is much more difficult. megaAI’s 12-megapixel camera is high-quality, detailed, and low-power, which is why we chose it. As you can see in the video below, the quality of megaAI’s camera matches the tiny-but-mighty power of the Myriad X on the other side of the board.

megaAI’s cameras are also capable of using lenses to some degree - with many of the same neural networks working out of the box with a wider FoV lens.

Thanks, and onward!

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Brandon quit his job at Ubiquiti leading the UniFi team in order to focus on embedded machine learning and computer vision. He misses the UniFi team. But he just had to try this, as he thinks it's the future!

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