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Using multiple devices per host

by Brandon G

Hello World!

One of the features that makes megaAI so powerful is the ability to use multiple megaAI cameras on the same device. This not only allows you to utilize the power of two Myriad X VPUs at once but also arrange several megaAI (or other DepthAI-compatible modules) so they cover different visual areas, with each camera processing their own input. We recorded a simple demonstration video showing a megaAI and two other DepthAI boards all sending data to the same Pi.

You can configure many megaAI devices this way, so head for those five packs!


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One megaAI unit. Formerly named "Crowd Supply Edition megaAI".


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Brandon quit his job at Ubiquiti leading the UniFi team in order to focus on embedded machine learning and computer vision. He misses the UniFi team. But he just had to try this, as he thinks it's the future!

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