by Macchina

An open, Bee-compatible ESP32 module for quickly and easily adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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Fully Funded

We are over 100% funded for our SuperB campaign! A huge thank you to all of our backers and supporters for making our project a reality! We cannot wait to get to work on your hardware!

Team Macchina

$4,345 raised

of $2,500 goal

173% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices



Receive one SuperB unit.


2x SuperB

Receive two SuperB units.


M2 and SuperB

Receive one SuperB unit and one M2 unit.


2x SuperB and M2

Receive two SuperB units and two M2 units.


10x SuperB

Receive a pack of ten SuperB units.


10x M2 and SuperB

Receive a large pack of ten Superb units and ten M2 units.


100x SuperB

Receive 100 SuperB units.



We started as a group of friends with experience in consumer electronics making hardware to fit the needs of our own automotive projects. Over time we realized many people - ranging from hobbyists to prototyping labs and even entrepreneurs - could benefit from the work we are doing. Now we are a larger team making hardware for everyone's projects.

Earl Sharpe

Josh Sharpe

Will Caruana

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