FX Development Board

An open source, audio electronics prototyping environment with solder-less breadboards, interfacing peripherals, and a multi-rail power supply.

Jan 18, 2017

Project update 1 of 3

FX Development Board is 27% Funded!

Thank you very much for helping us reach 27% of our campaign goal. We’re super excited to finally launch this project and are incredibly thankful for your initial support.

Hackster and EffectsBay wrote about the FX Development Board. Check out their posts here:

Stay tuned for our next update, which will include up-close video of the FX DevBoard with a focus on the features and capabilities.

Until then, thank you again for helping us reach 27% of our goal. Please help us continue to reach our final goal by sharing our campaign on Facebook and Twitter!


Cheers and thanks!

Stephen and Abel @MacroFab

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