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FX Development Board

An open source, audio electronics prototyping environment with solder-less breadboards, interfacing peripherals, and a multi-rail power supply.

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Feb 16 2017

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Streamlining the process of building audio effects pedals, but leaving all the creation of tone to you.

The FX Development Board is an open source, audio electronics prototyping environment combining solderless breadboards with interfacing peripherals and a multi-rail power supply. Its purpose is to aid in the prototyping and development of electronic guitar effects, audio synthesizers, and preamplifiers. Although the project has been geared towards audio designers, due to the generic nature of its integrated breadboards and power supplies, the board can be used for all kinds of electronic prototyping.

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Built For Audio Designers Like You!

Build Your Own Pedals with Custom Sounds
Create Unique and Interesting Audio Waveforms
Develop Sounds and Audio FXs for Music Production

Why Did We Build the FX Development Board?

Guitar Effects Components + Solderless Breadboards = FX DevBoard

When developing even the simplest audio circuits on a breadboard, the configuration of wires and components can get messy, resulting in errors and compromised performance. We have found a better way!

The FX Development Board provides a better solution by integrating all of the standard audio components that would usually require a wire-to-board connection. We have carefully chosen each component to promote layout cleanliness and ease of use. With the integrated power supply, significant portions of each circuit are automatically included and do not need to be built by the designer. This greatly reduces complexity and errors, allowing designers to focus on what’s important: the tone-generating portions of their design.

FX DevBoard Features

  1. Potentiometers
  2. 9V battery holder
  3. Input and output jacks
  4. True bypass 3PDT switch
  5. User selectable power supply connections
  6. Breadboards
  7. Adjustable 9 V power supply
  8. Power supply

All the parts highlighted above are integrated into the FX Development Board and do not need to be assembled by the designer!

Complete Overview of the FX DevBoard

FX DevBoard Specifications

Build Your Own Custom Sounds

Experiment using different components and configurations to create your own unique effects. To get started, you can use our provided schematics to build imitation pedals and tweak them to your liking.

All templates and downloads will be available at

Use our provided templates to get started!
Build and modify the templates to your liking!

With the FX DevBoard, the possibilities are endless. Because anyone can create new interesting FX pedals and configurations, we’re building a website to share and store user-created templates. Expect lots of great downloads, templates, and community share at!

Download & Share Templates Online!

Manufacture Your Final Results

For more experienced users looking to professionally manufacture final FX boards, we’ve made it easy to go from design to production with MacroFab. We will be supplying PCB templates that you can use to map out your final design. Once you’ve perfected your design, you can upload your design directly to MacroFab, and we’ll build and assemble your custom board. Our PCB templates are designed to fit standard pedal enclosures, making it dead simple to start building your own pro quality pedals. Downloads from PCB files and enclosures will all be available at

Professionally Design Your Favorite Pedals with our PCB Templates
Easily Manufacture Your Pedals with MacroFab!

High Quality Protective Enclosure

Metal Enclosure with Control Knobs:

For those who want to test their designs on a pedal board or at a gig we have developed a steel enclosure kit that easily attaches to the FX development board. The enclosure kit includes a steel baseplate and cover along with mounting hardware and knobs to connect to the potentiometers.

The enclosure kit will protect your circuit while allowing you to use the FX development board as you would any standard pedal. Now you can test your prototype without worrying about damaging your design.

Help Us Make This Happen!

We need to sell 200 units to break-even on manufacturing and assembling the FX Development Board.

Please help us make the FX Development Board a reality by pre-ordering yours today!

Manufacturing at MacroFab

The FX Development Board will be manufactured by MacroFab. We will handle the entire process, from component order through backer fulfillment.

MacroFab, Inc. is an electronics manufacturer in Houston, TX, committed to working directly with customers to develop cutting-edge electronics and build-box assemblies of all sorts. We specialize in helping small businesses from perfecting their prototypes all the way through production runs. We will be building every FX Development Board in-house, so you can be confident that your board will have our industrial-level quality control in every aspect of manufacturing. MacroFab also has a history of teaming with crowd-funded projects as a primary contract manufacturer.

Learn more about us at

Communication with our Supporters

From funding to final delivery – we’ll be here to update you on the process and answer any questions you might have.

Because we (MacroFab) are in the unique position of being both the campaign creator and the manufacturer, we can provide inside information about the project including pictures and videos of the manufacturing process (and you can rest assured that we will deliver the FX DevBoard without any major setbacks!).

When Will My FX DevBoard Be Delivered?

MacroFab will handle the fulfillment to funders including all packaging and shipping operations.

Manufacturing will begin immediately upon successful funding of the project. We expect to start shipping units within 6 to 8 weeks after this campaign closes. All orders will be shipped on a first come, first served basis!

Domestic shipping is included in the options. There will be an extra charge for international shipping.

In the Press

Hackster News

"All you have to do to start rocking is follow or modify one of their templates, or even devise something totally unique to yourself."


"...this guy is like an insane big brother version of the Beavis Board..."

Pedal Haven

"the world of DIY pedal building just got better."

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Produced by MacroFab, Inc. in Houston, TX.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

FX Development Board + Wire Jumper Kit + Enclosure

Get the FX Development Board with a high quality steel enclosure for live gigs, safe handling, and for pure beauty. You're going to love developing new sounds and effects with this awesome FX kit including: fully assembled FX Development Board, steel enclosure case, AC power adapter, jumper kit, jumper wires, and online templates & downloads.

$190 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Beer Fund Donation

We've spent a lot of late nights and weekends working on this project. We'd love to celebrate our launch and keep you informed on our progress with your generous donation.


FX Development Board

Start engineering your own tunes and effects with this solid intro package! Includes a fully assembled and tested FX Development Board, AC power adapter, and online templates & downloads.

$150 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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MacroFab, Inc.

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Abel Acuna

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