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Sep 19, 2023

Project update 2 of 8

Getting Started with Our Swift Programming Kit

by Andy Liu

Plug, Download, and say “Hello World”

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In this update, we’ll show you how easy to get started using the modern programming language, Swift, with our all-in-one kit. Let’s dive in!

How to Get Your Kit Rolling

Your roadmap begins with a handy tutorial that walks you through the setup process. Here’s the deal in only ten minutes:

Grab all the essentials to fire up your kit:

Why not click the tutorial to see how easy it is?

Dive in and Explore more detailed projects

Get hands-on with each module and dive into specially crafted tutorials. These tutorials ensure you understand how to work with each module. A cool way to tackle these tutorials:

  1. Try the projects to get a feel for what each module can do.

  2. Then dive deeper into the explanations and concepts in each tutorial to truly grasp the ins and outs.

All these tutorials are built to be your trusty sidekick. Our goal is to have you nailing basic hardware wizardry by the time you’re done with them. And hey, if you ever hit a roadblock or spot something that’s not quite adding up, give us a shout.

By the way, we’ve previously shared insights and opinions about our project. If you’re curious, feel free to take a peek:

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