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Dec 11, 2017

Project update 2 of 4

Test Video and Other News

Thanks to everyone for all your support! We’ve already just about doubled our funding goal after only a few days. During this time, we’ve made a few changes: there’s a 220 V option, there are more early bird units available, and we’ve put together an instructional video.

220 V: You can now choose between a REFLO unit that runs on 110 V and one that runs on 220 V when making a purchase. If you’ve already bought a REFLO, by default, you’ll receive one that runs on 110 V. If you’d like to change your order to 220 V, please write to with your order number.

Early bird units: There are now more early bird units available of the Deluxe Kit. They’re $100 off the (already low) campaign price of $399.

Instructional video: See the complete reflow process using the REFLO oven.

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