The compact, open, and smart PCB reflow oven. Bake your dream!

Dec 11, 2017

Test Video and Other News

Thanks to everyone for all your support! We’ve already just about doubled our funding goal after only a few days. During this time, we’ve made a few changes: there’s a 220 V option, there are more early bird units available, and we’ve put together an instructional video.

220 V: You can now choose between a REFLO unit that runs on 110 V and one that runs on 220 V when making a purchase. If you’ve already bought a REFLO, by default, you’ll receive one that runs on 110 V. If you’d like to change your order to 220 V, please write to with your order number.

Early bird units: There are now more early bird units available of the Deluxe Kit. They’re $100 off the (already low) campaign price of $399.

Instructional video: See the complete reflow process using the REFLO oven.

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