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Dec 05, 2023

Project update 3 of 8

GlowStitch Project Gallery

by Stephanie P

Wow!! I am delighted to announce that my campaign is now 100% funded!! A huge thanks to all of you who have supported this project so far, I am grateful and looking forward to delivering and growing GlowStitch in future. Having more options to create great wearable tech, crafting, cosplay, and learning experiences is so important and you all are part of making that vision come to life.

In this update, I’ll be celebrating and showing off some of my favourite GlowStitch project examples to get you inspired.

Rainbow Fish Pencil case

This project refers to the classic children’s book, "The Rainbow Fish." It’s a pencil case which has scales that are 3D printed directly onto the fabric. Under the scales are color-cycling Glowstitch LEDs. This is one of my favourite demo projects so far, it’s very tactile and fun!

Secret Necklace Dress

I recently went to a fancy dinner and installed GlowStitch LEDs inside my dress in the shape of a necklace between the lining. It was a great conversation piece and a real hit at the party! How cool is a secret necklace that lights up with the flick of a switch and powered with AAA batteries?

Name Badge by Allie from Katz Creates

Allie made this fantastic name badge using GlowStitch LEDs, showing how versatile they are for a range of projects. As one of the few options that are quite flat and small, it was perfect for this thin project.

If you liked any of these projects, I’d be delighted if you could share my campaign. Until next week, and thanks again for all your support!

— Steph

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