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Dec 12, 2023

Project update 4 of 8

Painting and Crafting with GlowStitch LEDs

by Stephanie P

Another huge milestone this week, 130% funded! Thanks so much and I deeply appreciate all of your support. This week I’ll be showing you some of the fantastic example projects for using GlowStitch in papercraft and in artwork. As GlowStitch LEDs are made from ultra thin flexible circuit boards, they are perfect for adding to paintings, papercraft, origami, pop-up books and much more. They are the most versatile LEDs, not just for sewing and wearable tech but so much more! Check out some example projects below.

Spaceship Painting

This painting is inspired by the game Destiny 2, and you can paint right over the conductive fabric tapes and LED strips for a suprise light up effect.

Pop-up Book

This delightful pop-up book was created by Jill Dawson.

Student Artwork

A hot air balloon and cloud artwork made by a secondary school student. Makes open-ended crafting with school students super easy! Taught by amazing teacher Jackie Child.

A huge thanks to all of you who continue to share, support, and provide encouragement, thanks so much. Until next week, enjoy!


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