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Jan 02, 2024

Project update 4 of 7

Learn How Low Power We Can Go

by Constantine M

Hi everyone and happy holidays!

Today we will talk about batteries. It says on our page that we have a low power camera, but how low power is it really? The typical scenario we were aiming for with this camera is something like taking a few HD photos a day on a single charge of 2000 mAh battery for 6-9 months. One of the most interesting parts in goals like this is battery usage during the deep sleep mode, and we were able to achieve 0.105 mW (with motion detection). Here is the full info and power profiling:

Tokay Lite (all referenced for 4.2 V battery voltage):

mode 0: deep sleep mode - wakeup only by external RTC, user button or motion detection
25 uA * 4.2 V = 105 uW = 0.105 mW
mode 1: idle mode - MCU is doing nothing, all peripheral is initialized
90 mA * 4.2 V = 378 mW
mode 2: wifi mode - device is connected to WiFi, waiting for commands
100 mA * 4.2V = 420 mW, note that peak current consumption is around 400 mA
mode 3: running mode - device is connected to WiFI, sending pictures and doing AI recognition
150 mA * 4.2V = 630 mW, note that peak current consumption is around 500 mA
mode 4: IR + Wi-Fi mode
300 mA * 4.2 = 1260 mW, note that peak current consumption is around 700 mA


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