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Tokay Lite

Open source, no-code, battery-powered Edge AI camera with night vision, motion detection, and TensorFlow Lite support

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Tokay Lite is an advanced AI camera platform and ESP32-based development board with a wide range of applications. Whether you want to boost security, monitor wildlife, or keep an eye on your garden or crops, this versatile camera has you covered.

Onboard Edge AI Processing

Tokay Lite boasts an onboard MCU and sensor interface for edge AI processing. This enables real-time image analysis and decision-making right on the device, eliminating the need for an external computer. Tokay Lite is ideal for security and surveillance applications where swift responses matter.

Open Source Firmware

Powered by open-source firmware, Tokay Lite offers an intuitive, no-code web interface with configurable settings out of the box. Fine-tune image sensor settings, manage video streaming, adjust picture settings, and explore autonomous operation mode. Tokay Lite seamlessly integrates with AWS, ThingsBoard, and Home Assistant.

Facial Recognition & Detection

Pre-loaded with a facial recognition model, Tokay Lite also allows users to reprogram the device with their own AI models. Equipped with motion sensors, night vision, AI model execution, and battery-based operation, it excels in security, time-lapse, and cutting-edge people and animal detection.

Robotics Applications

Beyond security, Tokay Lite’s advanced sensor interface and connectivity options make it a perfect sensor and decision-making unit for robotics. It provides real-time visual data, performs visual recognition tasks, and can control a robot’s actions.


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Tokay LiteESP-32-EYEAi-ThinkerArducam ESP32 camM5Stack
Chip ESP32-S3 (module) ESP32-S3 (module) ESP32-S3 (module) ESP32-S3 (module) ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3
Included Image Sensor (Replaceable) OV2640 OV2640 OV2640 OV2640 OV3660
PSRAM8 Mb 8 Mb 4 Mb 4 Mb 8 Mb
Flash Memory16 Mb 8 Mb 4 Mb 4 Mb 4 Mb
Battery Capacity1200 mAh not included not included not included 270m Ah
External RTCYes No No No Yes
Night VisionYes No No No No
IR Filter ControlYes No No No No
Motion DetectionYes No No No No
Battery Powered via USB ChargingYes Yes No Yes Yes
USB InterfaceYes Yes No No Yes
MicrophoneNo Yes No No No
Ambient Light SensorYes No No No No
External AntennaNo No No No No
Mounting HolesYes No No No No
SD CardNo Yes Yes Yes No
DisplayNo Yes No No No

Features & Specifications


Technical Specifications

Support & Documentation

Tokay Lite is fully open source. Our design files and source code are on on GitHub and our documentation is on our website:

Fulfillment & Logistics

After production is complete, Mouser Electronics, our fulfillment partner via Crowd Supply, will distribute our products worldwide. Learn more about Crowd Supply’s fulfillment service under Ordering, Paying, and Shipping in their guide.

Risks & Challenges

We’ve meticulously designed Tokay Lite with mass production in mind, optimizing it for seamless integration into the factory workflow. These design enhancements significantly reduce production risks. With our streamlined approach, we’re confident there won’t be any production delays. In case of unexpected delays, we will be sure to inform everyone of any changes.

In the Press

Linux Gizmos

"The Tokay Lite is... an Edge AI camera, ideal for various applications like security, wildlife monitoring, or garden surveillance... [with] TensorFlow support, offering robust features for both hobbyists and professionals."

"This advanced AI camera platform integrates edge AI processing, enabling real-time image analysis and decision-making right on the device itself. "

Hackster News

"The [Tokay Lite's] ESP32-S3 includes vector instruction extensions to boost the performance of computer vision and artificial intelligence workloads, supported by the 8MB PSRAM."

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Produced by Maxlab in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Tokay Lite

Camera development kit, built around the ESP32 module, with open source hardware, firmware, and software

$102 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  ·

We are a hardware development company with a focus on camera products that use machine vision and edge computing.

Constantine Malynin
Rost Kurylo
Max Olender

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