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Tokay Lite

Open source, no-code, battery-powered Edge AI camera with night vision, motion detection and TensorFlow Lite support

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Tokay Lite is an advanced AI camera platform and ESP32-based development board packed with features for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re looking to secure your home or business, monitor wildlife, or keep an eye on your garden or crops, this camera has you covered.

Key features of this camera include the onboard MCU and sensor interface, which allow for edge AI processing. This means that the camera can perform real-time image analysis and decision-making on the device itself, without the need for a separate computer. This makes it an ideal choice for security and surveillance, where fast response times are crucial.

Tokay Lite is powered by open source firmware. Out of the box you will interact with a simple, no-code web interface with configurable settings and no software downloads. Play with image sensor settings, video streaming, picture settings, and autonomous operation mode. Tokay Lite boasts AWS, ThingsBoard, and HomeAssistant integrations.

This feature packed board comes with a pre-loaded facial recognition model while allowing users to re-program the device with their own AI models and change settings easily. With a movement sensor, night vision capacity, ability to run AI models, and low-power battery based usage, Tokay Lite makes an ideal security camera, time lapse camera, and detects people and animals in sophisticated new ways.

But that’s not all - this camera’s advanced features make it suitable for robotics as well. With its advanced sensor interface and connectivity options, it can be used as a robotic sensor and decision making unit, providing real-time visual data, performing visual recognition tasks and even controlling the robot’s actions.

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Open Source

Tokay Lite is proudly open source. You can find our assets in Github and documentation on our website.

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About the Team


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We are a hardware development company with a focus on camera products that use machine vision and edge computing.

Constantine Malynin

Rost Kurylo

Max Olender

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