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Apr 30, 2024

Project update 7 of 7

Manufacturing is Almost Complete

by Constantine M

Hello folks,

We are on the final run towards shipment, and here are a few updates:

The order has been placed, and manufacturing will be done by next week, so we are aiming for the end of May for shipment.

Of course, as we placed the order, one of the components went out of stock. It was not just any component either, but a part inside a camera module itself 😄. We had to do a fast revision to adjust the module, because the cam’s module dimensions are slightly different.

As we are always exploring different platforms for connecting IoT devices, we came across Golioth IoT. It is a cool system, go check it out. We will also be doing a tutorial on how to launch our camera with their system.

Finally, we will also open-source our provisioning app that we wrote for the factory. Updates will be posted for this later on.

Constantine, Maxlab team

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