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Sep 19, 2022

Project update 4 of 10

ELM327 OBD-II Protocol Support

by Ali Slim

Manufacturing update

I’m happy to report WiCAN-OBD PCB assembly has completed and I received the new batch this week. I’ve also procured all the other bits and pieces for final assembly and testing. The WiCAN-USB PCBs will arrive in one or two weeks.

We are right on schedule for the first batch delivery, while the second batch should come in January 2023.

ELM327 Support

The ELM327 OBD protocol is now supported on WiFi, though BLE still needs more work. The basic commands are available and work well enough with most apps, such as Torque, Car Scanner ELM, and Realdash. There are still few important features I need to work on before the next release, like auto protocol detection. I’ve also added a cool feature: WiCAN now knows the default number of expected responses when making a request to specific ECU address, this will help speed up communication and also allow the user to set the number of expected responses when sending a request.

Here’s a list of all the protocols the hardware can support:

If anyone would like to contribute to the project and add more commands, the latest files are available in our repo’s main branch.

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