Open source, ESP32-C3 CAN adapter with USB, Wi-Fi, and BLE support

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Sep 07, 2022

Project update 3 of 10

WiCAN-USB Has Some New Features

by Ali Slim

WiCAN-USB is a tiny and powerful CAN adapter and it’s one of my favourite tools I’ve designed this year!

An OBD connector is great, but it is limited to automotive uses, but this little adapter’s form factor and input voltage range make it more versatile and a perfect fit for industrial applications.

However, it was missing one feature, there was no termination resistor! And adding an external jumper was not an option. The best solution was to add an extra pin that connects to CAN Low through a 120 Ω resistor. So, when termination is needed, the user only needs to connect the CAN High pin to the TR pin.

In addition, I’ve also added LED pipes instead of the standard white label, so now the LED activity is more visible.

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