Open source, battery powered, stand-off acoustic water leak detection

Aug 01, 2022

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Our Campaign is Now Live!

by Mike H

We are pleased to announce that the Aquaping is now available for pre-order. The AquaPing is a stand-off acoustic leak detector, ideal for power-sensitive IoT applications. All analysis is at the edge, no audio is streamed to the cloud, and eavesdropping is impossible. The sensor is intended to be implemented as part of a system, communicating with a master controller via I2C.

The technology works very well so the goal of this campaign is to get the device into the hands of interested and competent backers who can implement and generate useful field reports for promising use-cases. For this reason, the unit is being priced close to the break-even cost of a limited production run.

Parts availability was crucial in making the decision to launch. We acquired an inventory of Texas Instruments microcontrollers that will allow us to immediately go into production at the conclusion of a successful campaign. These chips have since sold-out, perhaps until mid-2023. But we are stocked up and ready to deliver!

In the coming weeks, we will provide updates describing various aspects of the design including filtering (electronic, digital, mechanical), power management, use of direct memory access, how the device distinguishes leaks from noise, alternative approaches to acoustic sensing, and how this project came to life.

Any and all questions and comments are welcome. Thank you for subscribing to this project.

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