Maximum Plunder

by Mike King

The Poster Art of Mike King

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The Final Week

Hi, everyone.

We are a week out from our funding deadline, and we’re getting so close we can smell the metallic ink! Thank you for continuing to help us get out the word on MAXIMUM PLUNDER, and we are writing to call upon you one last time. At this moment, we are 90% funded! Now, in the classroom, we’d get an “A for effort” already, but this is THE REAL WORLD. It’s all or nothing out here, people. We only need to sell 27 more copies to meet our goal. TWENTY SEVEN COPIES. We’re so close! With just one week to go, we still need YOUR help to get there, so please help get this glorious monster of a book in your hands by sharing the link and spreading the word!

$21,339 raised

of $18,000 goal

118% Funded! Order Below

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Maximum Plunder

One copy of 'Maximum Plunder: The Poster Art of Mike King'.


Mike King

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