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Milk-V Pioneer

A 64-core, RISC-V motherboard and workstation for native development

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Milk-V Pioneer is a developer motherboard, based on SOPHON SG2042, in a standard mATX form factor. With PC-like interfaces and PC industrial compatibility, Pioneer provides a native RISC-V development environment and desktop experience. It is an excellent choice for developers and hardware pioneers looking to experience the cutting edge technology of RISC-V.

Milk-V Pioneer Introduction

The SG2042 Server Chip

The SG2042 server chip is based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) and, with 64 cores, is designed to meet high-performance computing needs. The RISC-V ISA is a free, open, and standards-based instruction set that has gained widespread attention and application due to its transparency and flexibility.

The characteristics of the SG2042 server chip include scalability, flexibility, and customization. It incorporates integrated circuits such as high-speed caches (L3 cache at 64 MB), memory controllers (4x DDR4-3200), network interfaces, PCI Express® controllers (x32 PCI Express Gen 3), and support for general-purpose operating systems such as Linux.

The RISC-V ecosystem is constantly expanding, with more and more companies and organizations contributing to the RISC-V ISA and developing chips. The release of the SG2042 RISC-V server chip is an important milestone for future high-performance computing and data centers.

We are also offering the Pioneer Box, a complete, ready-to-use RISC-V PC that you can deploy as a workstation, a build server, a web server, a storage server, a firewall, a security appliance, and more.

Features & Specifications

Pioneer Motherboard

Pioneer Box

Open Source

We will publish our hardware schematics and 2D motherboard design files in our GitHub repository before campaign launch.

We have also provided:

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Shenzhen, China  ·  MilkV_Official  ·  milk-v

Builders of RISC-V ecosystems.

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