Milk-V Pioneer

A 64-core, RISC-V motherboard and workstation for native development

Jul 22, 2023

Project update 3 of 5

AI and RISC-V Minecraft International Public Servers

by Neko, Prince, Wei Mi, Yiran Ke

Hello readers and backers, We are so pleased to see how much support we’ve received so far, thank you to everyone who has reserved a Milk-V Pioneer!

Deploy Your NLP Assistant on Milk-V Pioneer

The Milk-V Pioneer is equipped with a powerful 64-core RISC-V chip, the SOPHON SG2042, which provides a strong computing foundation for implementing AI-related projects.

Play InferLLM

InferLLM is a lightweight LLM model inference framework that mainly references and borrows from the llama.cpp project. llama.cpp puts almost all core code and kernels in a single file and use a large number of macros, making it difficult for developers to read and modify.

In short, InferLLM is an efficient LLM CPU inference framework that can deploy quantized models in LLM locally and has good inference speed.

For more InferLLM detail: github/InferLLM

Milk-V Pioneer CPU is the SG2042, with RISC-V vector 0.7 and 64 threads

RISC-V Minecraft International Public Server Coming Soon

Milk-V plans to build a Minecraft international public server on Milk-V Pioneer. RISC-V enthusiasts and players from all over the world can join! Server Specifications

That’s all the news we have for this week! We are proud to be offering our products at our lowest campaign pricing. So if you haven’t ordered your Milk-V Pioneer yet during the crowdfunding campaign, be sure not to miss the opportunity to buy one at our lowest price! Once again, thank you all for your support!

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