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    Aix en Provence, France

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    Champaign, IL

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    Surabaya, Indonesia

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    saratoga, CA

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    Rostock, Germany

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    Chicago, IL

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    Rocklin, CA

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    Ottawa, Canada

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    San Luis Obispo, CA

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    Santa Rosa, CA

  • Edouard A

    Gent, Belgium

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    Livermore, CA

  • Edward P

    Rydal, PA

  • Greg O

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Sherif E

    Livermore, CA

  • Alex H

    West Hempstead, NY

  • Pascal W


  • Scott S

    Asheville, NC

  • Alvaro G

    Madrid, Spain


    DERIO, Spain

  • Matt M

    Mississauga, Canada

  • Benjamin H

    Aachen, Germany

  • Bethge M

    Neuenburg, Germany

  • Lawrence T

    San Francisco, CA

  • Benjamin S

    Brookline, MA

  • Anselm L

    Oakland, CA

  • Marc S

    Mainz, Germany

  • John B

    Tampa, FL

  • John R

    Belgrave,, Australia

  • Hideyuki S

    Ichikawa, Japan

  • Philip R

    Norwich, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Kevin C

    Columbia, MD

  • Yvo R

    Abcoude, Netherlands

  • Matthew M

    Reutlingen, Germany

  • Jeremy G

    Brisbane, CA

  • William W


  • Gonzalo N

    Blaine, WA

  • Brandon B

    Los Ranchos, NM

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    nashville, TN

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    San Francisco, CA

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    Hopkins, MN

  • Alberto M

    Barakaldo, Spain

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    Santa Fe, NM

  • Rui C

    Union, NJ

  • Ralph S

    Mogelsberg, Switzerland

  • Krzysztof U

    Wrocław, Poland

  • Dominic B

    Cambridge, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Rion C


  • Michael P

    San Francisco, CA

  • Vinay P

    Redwood City, CA

  • Judd S

    St. Petersburg, FL

  • Ravi S

    Saratoga, CA

  • Tom B

    Cupertino, CA

  • Jarred H

    Melbourne, Australia

  • Jess M

    Bristol, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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    Newton Abbot, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Gavin T

    Alfenas, Brazil

  • M A C


  • Pasha T

    San Francisco, CA

  • Douglas W

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Christopher W

    Osnabrück, Germany

  • Feng L

    Clemson, SC

  • Ed G

    Stoke Mandeville, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Beau D

    Davis, CA

  • Haakon W

    Kleppe, Norway

  • Ben K

    Redwood City, CA

  • chiu c

    edison, NJ

  • Florian P

    Kaiserslautern, Germany

  • Greg A

    Ann Arbor, MI

  • Jean Pierre D

    VILLERS POL, France

  • David M

    San Francisco, CA

  • Judith R

    McMahons Point, Australia

  • Hill W

    Portland, OR

  • David H

    Odessa, FL

  • Oren H

    Santa Clara, CA

  • John N


  • Marion L

    San Francisco, CA

  • Brent T

    Menlo Park, CA

  • Emmanuel G

    Marrickville, Australia

  • Alan R

    San Francisco, CA

  • Thomas D

    Rochester, MN

  • Glen B


    New Castle, DE

  • Francisco B

    Caraubas, Brazil

  • Paul D

    Hermalle sous Argenteau, Belgium

  • Kevin N

    Mount Tabor, NJ

  • Janlee I

    Fairbanks, AK

  • Dominique K

    Den Haag, Netherlands

  • Ken Nickerson

    Toronto, Canada

  • Bill E

    New Hampshire

  • Paolo C

    Feletto, Italy



  • Daescher J

    Buchs, Switzerland

  • Kenneth K

    Sherwood Park, Canada

  • J.J. L

    Hippolytushoef, Netherlands

  • Kuantsai L


  • Steven L

    Pearland, TX

  • thomas j

    redmond, WA

  • Martin E


  • Guruprasad R

    Lodz, Poland

  • Dave J

    NOWHERE, Australia

  • Justin C

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Alex G

    San Francisco, CA

  • Conor R

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Johannes K

    Leipzig, Germany

  • Daniel E

    Round Rock, TX

  • Dominik W

    Stuttgart, Germany

  • Chris W

    Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Dana S

    San Francisco, CA

  • william c

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Gabriel Z

    Berlin, Germany

  • James W

    San Francisco, CA

  • Pablo M

    Miami, FL

  • David M

    Wien, Austria

  • Marco M

    Cerreto Castello, Italy

  • Adrian B

    Foxham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Dwight M

    Westwood, MA

  • Robert R

    Bethesda, MD

  • John E

    Groton, MA

  • Mark A

    Seattle, WA

  • Andrew K

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Peter L

    Goteborg, Sweden

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Product Choices


Spectra Starter Kit

This kit has everything you need to get started experimenting with biomedical imaging, including a small tank phantom, 32-channel flex electrode array, USB cable, and fully assembled, flashed, and tested Spectra board that works with easy-to-install open source host software.


Spectra Deluxe Kit

The whole deal, ready to go. You get everything in the Spectra Starter Kit, plus a custom portable enclosure, an electrode expansion adapter, and a 32-channel, gold-plated electrode cable for performing EIT scans on almost anything, anywhere!


Expansion Kit

This kit includes an electrode expansion adapter and a 32-channel, gold-plated electrode cable (the same as those included in the Spectra Deluxe Kit). The expansion adapter lets you patch out to a standard 0.1" header so you can connect it anyway you want to anything you want. The 32-electrode cable allows you to stick the device on a variety of conductive objects of different sizes as each electrode is independent, gold-plated, and protected by an insulated injection molded cover. The expansion kit gives you the flexibility you need for nearly any experiment.


Mindseye Biomedical

Mindseye Biomedical creates new tools in non-invasive biomedical imaging and neuroscience and offers engineering consulting services. Working toward the democratization of biomedical imaging through an open source ideology.

Jean Rintoul


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