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Feb 09, 2017

Production Progress II

We would like to inform everyone that the production of Winkel Boards has started. There was a slight hiccup in the process of sourcing components due to Chinese holiday season which caused a delay in initiating the production and assembly. Good news is that we are still on schedule to ship the boards to all our backers before the committed date.

Have a look at the production progress.

We will begin the testing process soon.

$2,090 raised

of $1,080 goal

No Longer Available

Jan 23 2017

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Product Choices


Winkel Board

1 x Winkel Board. Free shipping to US and India.


Winkel Pack

6 x Winkel Boards. Free shipping to US and India.


Tiny I2C gyro Mount

1 x MPU-6050 Gyroscope+Accelerometer i2c mount for the Winkel Board.

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