Winkel Board

Powerful, All-in-one, Arduino-compatible Development and Prototyping Board with ATmega128 at it's Core.

Mar 06, 2017

Project update 7 of 8

Ready to Ship

Hello Everyone !!!

We are happy to inform all of you backers that the manufacturing of the Winkel Boards is complete. We are packing each order and preparing it for shipping to Crowd Supply warehouse from where they will shipped to your addresses. All orders in India will be handled by us. The date of shipping has been finalized on Wednesday 8th March or Thursday 9th March.

Before we send all the orders, we and Crowd Supply both want to be sure about your orders and the shipping address. Thats why we have created a web portal here where you can search by your Order Id, First Name, Last Name, Email or phone number that you used while backing us. If you wish to make any changes in the shipping address, please do so on your account page. You can also check if your order and can let us know if there are any issues.

NOTE : Changes to actual purchased board will be difficult at this time, but we will try our best to fulfill your requests.

Thank you for your patience and trust.

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