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May 2021 Shipping Update

by Lukas H

There has been a change of plans regarding crowdfunding order fulfillment. We will handle all fulfillment of crowdfunded units, even non-EU units, by ourselves. Read this update for more details. Also, we’ve received positive feedback from the first MNT Reform backers who already got their devices!

Testing MNT Reform DIY Kit components

Crowdfunding Fulfillment Change

Originally we wanted to ship the first non-EU crowdfunding shipments by now, but life got in the way: I got my first COVID vaccine shot and one of my team members had to move flats. The current status is that we have shipped 50 MNT Reforms to EU backers and will ship out the remaining EU crowdfunding units beginning of next week. They are all tested and good to go.

In the meantime, we made an agreement with Crowd Supply to handle all fulfillment of crowdfunded units, even non-EU units by ourselves. As we have a good deal with UPS now, it just makes more sense for us financially and from a process point of view, as we can ship out units each week and don’t have to accumulate batches of hundreds of them in our storage. If you ordered during the crowdfunding phase (up to June 18th, 2020), this will get MNT Reforms into your hands faster, because shipments don’t have to go via Crowd Supply in the US for repackaging. But in the case of US backers, this also means you have to pay any import VAT that might pop up. I apologize for this inconvenience. For non-EU and non-US backers, there shouldn’t be any change.

If you ordered after the crowdfunding phase, i.e. after June 18th, 2020, this doesn’t concern you. All non-crowdfunding orders will be shipped by Crowd Supply.

You can check your order details, shipping address, and more within your Crowd Supply account.

First Feedback and Experiences

The feedback from the first MNT Reform backers who already got their devices has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are very thankful for the good words. Backer Mauro Morales wrote an in-depth review of the DIY kit that is worth checking out, and multiple people published DIY kit assembly videos on YouTube (spoiler alert!): unwrapping, unboxing, assembly and another assembly. In addition, there are lively discussions about topics such as system configuration and hardware compatibility in the MNT Community—to which you are always invited to contribute.

Thank you for your continuing support!

About the Author

Lukas H

 Berlin, Germany

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Product Choices


MNT Reform Max

A fully assembled MNT Reform with 1 TB NVMe SSD, an mPCIe Wi-Fi card, a printed and signed operator handbook, our custom Black Piñatex Leather Sleeve (vegan) made in Berlin by fashion designer Greta Melnik, as well as a Debian GNU/Linux 11 SD card and international power supply (110/230 V).


MNT Reform DIY Kit

You assemble MNT Reform yourself from the individual boards, display and case parts, and print the manual on your own (if you want). All circuit boards are populated; no soldering required. Save some money and have a great learning experience building your own laptop.


MNT Research GmbH

MNT creates open source hardware and software like the VA2000 FPGA-based Amiga graphics card and the most prominent project Reform, an open DIY laptop. The Reform team consists of Lukas F. Hartmann (electronics, software design), Ana Beatriz Albertini Dantas (product / industrial design) and Greta Melnik (sleeve design, SMD assembly). We believe that computers and personal electronics should be open, documented, understandable and repairable and respect their owner's rights. Reform is an attempt to push the industry in that direction.

Lukas Hartmann

OSH Park

PCB Manufacturer


PCBA Manufacturer

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