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Jan 12, 2022

Project update 14 of 15

Pre-orders Shipping Update

by Lukas H

Happy new year! Thank you for your patience. We’re getting ready to ship the first batch of post-campaign MNT Reform laptops to Crowd Supply, after which they’ll be sent to you. We currently expect the majority of open orders to ship by the end of February, with the remaining orders shipping by the end of April, at the latest.

As we approach this point, please take a few minutes to look at your order, which you can do by logging into your Crowd Supply account. Many orders have been adjusted to account properly for the exact part numbers being sent to you. For example, you might have originally ordered an MNT Reform DIY Kit as a single item, but it will now be listed in your Crowd Supply account as several items to reflect the various kit options, such as SSD capacity, Wi-Fi card, pointing device, and region-specific power cord.

Make sure that your device has your preferred pointing device and AC power cord for your region, and check for the accessories you ordered as well. We want to be certain that you get exactly the configuration you want! Lastly, ensure that your address is up-to-date.

This is also a great time to make an account on the MNT Community forum, so that you can get support, see what other users are up to, and be inspired to try your own modifications and hacks!

Finally, since Crowd Supply is handling all matters of sales tax for orders destined to the United States (state sales tax), Europe (VAT), and Australia (GST), Crowd Supply will be charging your credit card the appropriate amount before shipping your order. If the transaction doesn’t go through, their support team will be in touch with you to arrange payment via an alternate card. Obviously, if you’ve already paid your tax in full, you won’t be charged. If you’d like to use a VAT ID, or have any questions, please get in touch with Crowd Supply support.

Again, we greatly appreciate your patience and can’t wait for you to get your MNT Reform!

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