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Thanks and Interactive Diagrams

by Lukas H

Thank You

In the name of my team, I want to thank you all for making the first real batch of our open hardware laptops a close reality. I am extremely excited that our work over the last two years is valued and that we can directly proceed to polish the remaining edges, write the documentation, and build and ship these devices to you. And there are still 4 more weeks of campaigning left.

Motherboard Revision

A few days ago, I finished revision D-4 of the motherboard which mainly includes some bugfixes, adds a high-pass filter for the speakers, and increases the size of the bypass capacitors for cell balancing so we can balance a bit quicker. A handful of D-4 boards will arrive at the beginning of next week. We’re in the middle of assembling the devices for our 8 beta testers and most of them will receive this motherboard revision. One will also go to EMI (electro-magnetic interference) pre-testing.

You can always follow along with hardware, firmware, mechanical, and documentation commits in the Reform repo.


MNT Reform interactive system diagram

MNT Reform interactive system diagram

Apropos documentation: With today’s update, I want to present the first version of the interactive system diagram for MNT Reform, as well as a set of interactive PCB explorers (IBOMs). I generated the former with a combination of Graphviz, kramdown, and CSS, and the latter with the InteractiveHtmlBom tool for KiCAD.

The interactive system diagram gives you a high-level technical overview of the MNT Reform electronics. You can click on any node in the diagram to see corresponding information on the right side. This information currently includes explanations of the context of the part, links to source code and datasheets and will grow over time (pull requests welcome!). A later version of this will also be adapted for the printed manual.

MNT Reform interactive BOM/PCB explorer

MNT Reform interactive BOM/PCB explorer

You can use the PCB explorers to look up any component’s value, part number, manufacturer, and what it is connected to. They are linked in the diagram, but you can find them all here, too:

As always, your feedback via Twitter, Mastodon, the project question form, or email is very welcome.

All the best, Lukas

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Product Choices


MNT Reform Max

A fully assembled MNT Reform with 1 TB NVMe SSD, an mPCIe Wi-Fi card, a printed and signed operator handbook, our custom Black Piñatex Leather Sleeve (vegan) made in Berlin by fashion designer Greta Melnik, as well as a Debian GNU/Linux 11 SD card and international power supply (110/230 V).


MNT Reform DIY Kit

You assemble MNT Reform yourself from the individual boards, display and case parts, and print the manual on your own (if you want). All circuit boards are populated; no soldering required. Save some money and have a great learning experience building your own laptop.


MNT Research GmbH

MNT creates open source hardware and software like the VA2000 FPGA-based Amiga graphics card and the most prominent project Reform, an open DIY laptop. The Reform team consists of Lukas F. Hartmann (electronics, software design), Ana Beatriz Albertini Dantas (product / industrial design) and Greta Melnik (sleeve design, SMD assembly). We believe that computers and personal electronics should be open, documented, understandable and repairable and respect their owner's rights. Reform is an attempt to push the industry in that direction.

Lukas Hartmann

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