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Feb 13, 2023

Project update 4 of 7

3D enclosures are ready!

by Mordecai R

We are proud to present our carefully engineered 3D enclosure to you. This case was designed with elegance in mind, and is also easily reproducible. We have supplied all the necessary design files needed to make your own, which means you can edit your case to your preference. Check out these preview images of our 3D model. We have included a 3D render file so you can preview the case ahead of making your own.

The inner materials are made to hold the speaker, buttons and screen. You might need a four pin, standard 2.54 mm spacing extension cable for the display. Here is an example. Ideally it should be male to female headers, as seen in this image.

The case we designed uses heat-set inserts, which is a great way to add threads to 3D printed enclosures so that the design can be opened as many times as needed while maintaining good mechanical closure. Here are links to some heat set inserts to hold the enclosure together.

M2.5 screws

M2.5 heat-set inserts

The button component needs to be printed with a material that has some flex to it, so that it can press down on the switch on the PCB.

We recommend waiting for your SOCORAD32 unit to arrive before making one. We also recommend doing your due diligence of determining dimension, component location planning, button settings, etc. before 3D printing the parts.

And finally, here are the 3D files for the enclosure.

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