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A hackable, open-source, ESP32-based amateur-radio board for walkie-talkie and data-communication applications

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SOCORAD32, a.k.a. the ESP32 Software Controlled Radio, is a professional-quality, hackable walkie-talkie for amateur-radio exploration, voice communication, and data transfer using simple AT commands. Just add a speaker, connect a battery, and you’ll have a fully functional walkie talkie radio. With its dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) button, SOCORAD32 can be used straight out of the box without touching a single line of code!

Unlike complicated SDRs, SOCORAD32 is tailored to amateur-radio applications and optimized for simplicity. Using basic AT commands, you can configure audio volume, tone squelching, CTCSS, CDSS codes, etc. SOCORAD32’s frequency range covers the license-free bands for most countries.

SOCORAD32 also features all of the operations of a standard walkie-talkie. It employs a proprietary RF design featuring the RDA1846 IC. This same IC is used in commercial walkie talkies such as Baofeng, Motorola, and Hytera. Because of this, SOCORAD32 can communicate with commercial walkie talkies when configured to do so. So how is SOCORAD32 different from such a commercial walkie talkie? It includes built-in functions, features, and high-level configurability that make it perfect for exploration.

SOCORAD32 prototype. Final product assembled by PCBWay

SOCORAD32 can send and receive data, which means you can use it to exchange texts or to explore the amateur-radio frequencies set aside for IoT applications. Received text can be read via the onboard OLED screen or on a bluetooth-connected mobile device. Best of all, it’s fully open source and hackable. If you want to explore the intricacies amateur radio, build a portable transceiver, or poke around with long-distance audio- and data-communication protocols similar to LoRa, this device not only allows you to do so, it makes doing so easy and fun! Its frequency range covers the license-free bands in most countries, we’ve added an 18650 battery holder and a charger to the design, and we’ll be publishing design files for an enclosure soon!

Designed for Exploration

Thanks to the ESP32 module’s Bluetooth functionality, you can configure all settings through a connected mobile device—via the serial Bluetooth app of your choice—rather than using the dedicated buttons. And the ESP32’s onboard memory allows you to store as many channels as you could possibly need. Advanced users can even tinker with the RF module and optimize the power amplifier, the antenna, the filter, the matching circuit, etc.

SOCORAD32 prototype. Final product assembled by PCBWay

Features & Specifications


SOCORAD32Typical commercial walkie-talkie
Open SourceHW + SW No
BluetoothYes Few
Text from phoneYes No
ConfigurableFully Constrained
Function ExpansionYes, via GPIOs No
DisplayCustomizable Fixed
Battery CapacityCustomizable & Swappable Fixed
GPSExternal via GPIO Few

TX Power at 2 W

Receive-Sensitivity Test at -120 dBm

SMS Demo

The following images shows the simplicity of sending texts

Step 1

SOCORAD32 TX data transfer

Step 2

SOCORAD32 TX data transfer

Step 3

SOCORAD32 RX data transfer

Versatile & Extensible

SOCORAD32 is appropriate for a wide range of project, including:

Support & Documentation

All documentation and project files are available in our GitHub repository. To maintain cohesion and organization, we will be using this repo for all things SOCORAD, including forum discussions, questions, support, collaboration, etc.

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One SOCORAD32 controller with speaker and antenna included (18650 battery with raised positive terminal required)

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