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Jun 03, 2022

Project update 9 of 14

Matter Update, Yellow Approval, and Delivery Times

by Zack B

Matter in Home Assistant Workshop

Matter is a new and upcoming smart home standard that is scheduled to launch in the fall. We’ve been hard at work on Matter support for Home Assistant. This includes working with the Home Assistant Yellow. As noted in the last update, we are also working on the co-existence of Zigbee and Matter. Matter is going to be a very important feature in the upcoming smart home space. Home Assistant will always be at the forefront of any new features needed to make sure your home can work great with the latest technology.

While Matter is still under heavy development, on June 15 we’re hosting a free Matter in Home Assistant workshop to give you a peek into the current state of Matter, support within Home Assistant, and even guide you on setting up Matter in Home Assistant yourself!

Learn more about the workshop.

Approval House Updates

Stefan has been working directly with our Approval House and they have been communicating back and forth almost daily over the past few weeks. In this process, they make sure the Home Assistant Yellow is fully adhering to internationally approved standards and norms so it can safely be operated in your home.

One of the findings during the safety review was that the polycarbonate we’ve been using was not flame retardant enough for Home Assistant Yellow: The standard UL 94 specified various levels of flame-retardant thermoplastics. For a device which has 15 W or more peak power available to it, V-1 classification is required. Yellow gets shipped with a 24 watt power supply and PoE can deliver up to 25 watts. The polycarbonate we’ve been using was rated for V-2. Luckily our supplier was quick and could offer a V-0 rated alternative. This should make sure that all your homes stay safe :)

We are proud to announce that the Home Assistant Yellow and Home Assistant Yellow Kit with Power Supply have now been fully approved!

CM4 Supply Updates

We have been working on getting as many CM4s as possible, so that we can make sure that anyone who purchased a Home Assistant Yellow (CM4 included) can receive their Yellow as soon as possible. We are in contact with Raspberry Pi directly to discuss our needs with the Product Manager of the CM4s. They were able to help us secure enough CM4s so we can fulfill our early backers as well as some we initially scheduled to ship in November 2022. We continue to work with Raspberry Pi and expect to fulfill all Home Assistant Yellow (non-Kit) orders in the next few months. Raspberry Pi has been great to work with during these supply issues, and they were very impressed with our community and Home Assistant’s support in the past.

Expected Delivery Dates

Despite the good news, we do need to nudge the delivery dates once again. We were hoping that the final approvals would go through quicker than they did. Unfortunately, the PoE variant did not make it through the approval, due to too high radiated emissions. Our previous measurements and subsequent improvements should have brought the emissions in check, but the measurements of the testing house did not agree with our expectations. We are currently investigating and working on an updated PoE version. The good thing is that we did get the non-PoE version fully approved, and initiated the volume production already.

ProductOriginal Est. Delivery DateNew Est. Delivery Date
Yellow Kit with Power SupplyMay 31, 2022July 31, 2022
Home Assistant YellowJune 30, 2022July 31, 2022
Yellow Kit with Power-over-EthernetJuly 31, 2022August 30, 2022

The new estimated delivery date depends on when you’ve ordered Yellow. You can find the updated estimated delivery date for you in your Crowd Supply Account under “View your order History” and then click on “View Order Details” of your order.

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