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Feb 22, 2023

A new chapter in the Home Assistant Yellow journey

In January, our original backers received their Home Assistant Yellow Kit PoE! With this, all our backers have received their units (with just a few exceptions, see below), and many of the pre-orders have been fulfilled as well. The crowdfunding campaign made Home Assistant Yellow possible and we are now entering the next stage in its journey: Home Assistant Yellow will enter ongoing production and become more widely available through various distributors in the future. Read the full update.

Dec 09, 2022

More Yellows Shipping and Thread + Matter Updates

Lots of fine tuning and production optimizations have happened since our last update. We are already preparing the fourth production run, but let's first back up to the headline of the last update: Yellow and Yellow Kit are shipping. Read the full update.

Oct 04, 2022

Yellow and Yellow Kit are shipping & Yellow Kit with PoE passed tests

Today only good news all around! Despite many Yellows on their way already, the last few weeks have been a busy time for us still: The update of the PoE version, smaller production improvements and lining up the next production runs have been the main focus. Read the full update.

Aug 17, 2022

Shipping Delay

In the previous update, it was announced that the first shipment had left Nabu Casa's manufacturer’s factory. Since then, the shipment has cleared export from China and is now scheduled to arrive via boat in Long Beach, California on September 6th. Read the full update.

Jul 29, 2022

We are Shipping! Plus, POE Updates

Over the past two years, we have been designing, prototyping, and building a product that we think will be something to last for years to come. This is something that we wanted to give our Home Assistant users as an easy way to get started, but also to upgrade as your home grows. Well, this dream is finally coming to fruition. Read the full update.

Jun 03, 2022

Matter Update, Yellow Approval, and Delivery Times

Matter is a new and upcoming smart home standard that is scheduled to launch in the fall. We’ve been hard at work on Matter support for Home Assistant. This includes working with the Home Assistant Yellow. As noted in the last update, we are also working on the co-existence of Zigbee and Matter. Read the full update.

Apr 08, 2022

Zigbee Support, PoE Design Tweaks, and Updated Delivery Schedule

Time flies like crazy. It’s been a productive two months since the last update! Let’s dive right in. Read the full update.

Jan 25, 2022

Video Out Now + Enclosure and PCB Status

This week Jeff Geerling posted a video that covers Home Assistant Yellow! Check it out on Youtube! We've already been busy in 2022 getting Yellow closer to production ramp-up. This update includes pics of the latest PCB and enclosure revisions. Read the full update.

Nov 24, 2021

Z-Wave and Rename

We've confirmed at least one Z-Wave module works with Home Assistant Yellow and even fits nicely within the case. Also, notice the name change: the project is now called Home Assistant Yellow. Read the full update.

Nov 03, 2021

The Journey Continues!

What a ride! After six weeks, the campaign has concluded! This update includes pics of the latest PCB and enclosure revisions. Read the full update.

Oct 20, 2021

Getting Started with Home Assistant Yellow & First Impressions

This update will show you the steps to get your Yellow Kit ready to use with Home Assistant up and running. There's also a nice video by Everything Smart Home of their first impressions of Home Assistant Yellow. Read the full update.

Oct 01, 2021

How Home Assistant Yellow Got Transparent

We at Nabu Casa mainly specialize in software development and hardware hacking, so we're grateful to our friends at Adafruit for introducing us to Mike Doell from Ross + Doell, who has excellent enclosure design and manufacturing skills. Read the full update.

Sep 24, 2021

Thank you, Video Demo, and Google Coral

It's only been a week, but we have plenty to show for it, including being fully funded and a video demonstrating how to connect and control Zigbee devices with Home Assistant Yellow. Read the full update.

Sep 15, 2021

Join today's live stream!

We are thrilled to announce our first custom hardware project: Home Assistant Yellow! We are hosting a Q&A live stream today at noon Pacific / 3 PM Eastern / 9 PM CEST to talk about how Home Assistant Yellow came to be and answer any questions you might have. Read the full update.

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