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A pocket amp for distraction-free practice with your favorite guitar pedals

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Porter is a headphone amp with a standard 1/4-inch jack that lets you play electric guitar or bass through your own effects pedals. Stay in the zone and toggle effects with your feet like you’re used to, or play clean with a short patch cable. The sound has been carefully tuned to provide an amp-like response, so your distortion pedals will sound the way you expect.

Practice Effectively (and Quietly)

Porter is a tool, not a toy—that means it’s distraction-free and all-analog, with no apps and no updates. It has just the right balance of controls, indicators, and inputs, and the belt clip is the perfect size for your guitar strap.

Porter is designed to sound great with either guitar or bass. Use the slider switch to select guitar mode for a tighter response, or bass mode for extended low-end.

The micro USB port doubles as a charging port and a line-in (with included adapter) so you can play along to music or a backing track.

Longevity Comes Standard

We want you to buy Porter once and use it for life. Porter is built to last, with a tough aluminum enclosure, riveted steel belt clip, and a rechargeable and replaceable battery. With no external plug to break off, and components selected for long cycle life, you’ll have a hard time wearing Porter out. We also provide complete design documentation, so you can repair your Porter, or customize it and keep it looking fresh!

Features & Specifications

Open Source

Complete design documentation will be available on GitHub after the crowdfunding campaign concludes. This will include:

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