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NeuroStimDuino Production Update

by Nikunj Bhagat


NeuroStimDuino backers, I wanted to give another update on our progress and to thank you all for being patient. It’s now the 31st of July, the day we had previously hoped to start shipping NeuroStimDuino. Unfortunately, we are not there yet. But, I am very positive we will get to our goal very soon.

There are a few reasons why things are taking so long. Firstly, as I mentioned in the previous update, we had to change our plans because of component price hikes so we decided to source components directly from Mouser and ship them directly to our manufacturer. However, Mouser had a few components out of stock or in short supply, so we had to order those from Digikey. Secondly, there were some unintentional delays in ordering the components. Now that the components have been ordered and shipped, they are being held up for customs clearance in India as we are working through all the paperwork. It should take another 10-15 days for the components to reach the manufacturer, at which point they will start assembly.

As the customs clearance process is beyond our control, I am unable to give you a concrete timeline for when the boards will be ready. But, rest assured we are pursuing it actively and I will share more updates as and when I find out more information. Until then, I will leave you with some nice images of the NeuroStimDuino PCBs that were sent to me by our fab house.

Top view

Bottom view

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One NeuroStimDuino board and a pair of 2-mm, pin-style lead wires for use with standard, reusable, hydrogel-based stimulation electrodes. Includes a battery holder but does not include batteries.


NeuroStimDuino Accessory Pack

Four 1.25-inch round and four 2-inch square hydrogel electrodes, a pair of lead wires, and a pair of bifurcation cables



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Nikunj Bhagat

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