Oct 26, 2017

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"When you are wrestling for possession of a sword, the man with the handle always wins." — Neil Stephenson

New: Twoolhead

Twoolhead is an open source, parallel printing accessory that is fully compatible with LulzBot® TAZ 3D printers. When the going gets tough, the tough double their output.

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Update: LimeSDR Mini with Aluminum Case

A new, sleek aluminum case was just announced for the LimeSDR Mini. If you’ve already placed an order, you can request an upgrade.

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In Stock: JuicyBoard

JuicyBoard is an open source, modular, robotic control system for building 3D printers, CNC routers, and whatever other robotics applications you can come up with.

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Coming Soon: Acusis

Acusis is an echo-canceling, far-field, linear array microphone for speech recognition and voice communications. It’s a complete plug-and-play solution that will instantly improve audio quality for your speech recognition or video communications project.

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In Stock: x0x-heart Eurorack Module

x0x-heart Front and Back

The x0x-heart Eurorack Module is the heart of a Roland TB303 synth recreated in modular format. A new batch is fresh off the workbench. Get ready to twiddle some knobs and flip some switches.

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