Feb 08, 2018

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New: PocketSprite

PocketSprite is the world’s smallest playable emulation device. Play all of your favorite games from Game Boy, Game Gear, and more. Want to develop your own games or projects? No problem — PocketSprite is a fully-featured, open source development platform for the ESP32.

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New: HiFive Unleashed

HiFive Unleashed is the world’s first and only RISC-V-based, Linux-capable development board. The first 75 boards ship next month. This is the bleeding edge of open source silicon.

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Ending Soon: Tomu

Tomu is the tiny ARM board that fits inside your USB connector. The stretch goals have been met, so all Tomus will ship with a custom, injection-molded enclosure. Check out the project updates to learn about their testing jig and more. Campaign ending soon.

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Coming Soon: TinyFPGA BX

The TinyFPGA BX is an FPGA development board that brings the power and flexibility of custom digital logic to the maker community. The BX module’s tiny form factor makes it perfect for breadboards or as an add-on card.

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In-stock: Chibitronics Love to Code Creative Coding Kit

Part of the Circuit Stickers line, the Love to Code Creative Coding Kit reinvents the book through paper electronics: you can craft functional circuits directly onto the pages of the included storybook while learning how to bring images to life through code.

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In-stock: USB Armory

USB Armories and enclosures are back in stock. Grab your favorite USB stick computer while supplies last.

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