Jul 10, 2020

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"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." — Edgar Allen Poe

New: PoE FeatherWing

One wire to run is better than two. PoE FeatherWing provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) to your Adafruit Feather project, along with a globally unique MAC address so you can easily address multiple units in the field.

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Coming Soon: FreeEEG32

With 32 channels and 24-bit sampling, FreeEEG32 offers research-grade EEG (or other signal) acquisition for a fraction of the cost. Better yet, it’s open source.

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In Stock: EASE

EASE is an Arduino shield that uses EtherCAT communication to provide high-performance, scalable, daisy-chain-able SPI communication over Ethernet cables. Designed with robotics in mind, it also supports PoE.

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In Stock: PX-HER0 Board

PX-HER0 is an open source ARM Cortex-M0+ dev board with an LCD display, six buttons, USB, microSD, battery charger, lots of expansion options, loads of documentation and examples, Arduino IDE support, CLI app, and more.

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In Stock: µduino

The µduino is a tiny Arduino-compatible board that employs the powerful ATMEGA32U4 chip found in the Arduino Leonardo (a board over 20 times larger), offers 20 I/O ports, and includes PWM and ADC ports.

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