An Arduino shield with EtherCAT communication capabilities to connect to the larger Arduino ecosystem

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EtherCAT Arduino Shield by Esmacat (EASE) is an Arduino Shield with the form factor of Arduino UNO shields.

EASE stacks onto Arduino boards or Arduino-like boards (a.k.a Base board). The base board can read and write a data packet from EASE via SPI, and the same data packet is also read and written by an EtherCAT Master via a standard EtherCAT protocol which is an industrial fieldbus for high performance robotics. Multiple EASE boards can be connected with Ethernet cables with a daisy-chain topology, and the power of the system is supplied over Ethernet cables with Power-over-EtherCAT technology.

EASE bridges the data packets between an EtherCAT master and multiple Base boards. The high-speed communication of EtherCAT, which is 200 times faster than CAN-bus and 1,000 times faster than traditional RS232 communication, allows for the seamless integration and centralized control of multiple Base boards.

Here's a demonstration of EASE connectivity capabilities using two Arduino Unos, two Mbed products, and one Arduino Uno-like board:

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