Apr 29, 2022

Update 170 of 240

The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"What is this? A center for ants?" — Derek Zoolander

Coming Soon: ANT BBPS

ANT BBPS is a small breadboard power supply (BBPS) elegantly designed to connect to the end of any M102 breadboard.

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Last Call: Novena

Only six units left of bunnie and xobs’ completely open computing platform.

Order Your Novena

In Stock: PolarBerry

PolarBerry is a security-minded, Linux-capable PolarFire SoC (FPGA + RISC-V) system-on-module (SoM).

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In Stock: OpticSpy

OpticSpy is an open source hardware module designed by Joe Grand for exploring and experimenting with optical data transmissions.

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Update Roundup

Assembling RoenDi.

Precursor gets a Xous Book.

DFC keeps adding features.

Calling All Creators

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Calling All Backers

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