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A small, portable, elegant, open source OLED breadboard power supply

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ANT BBPS is a small, elegant breadboard power supply (BBPS) carefully designed to connect to the end of any M102 breadboard. It’s unique shape plugs directly into the power connection pins and does not interfere with anything else.

But that’s not all! ANT BBPS displays voltage, current and power on an OLED display. It has a digitally controlled current limit, a wide input voltage range, and up to 12 V DC output. It also has two input connections, a USB type-C connector and a screw terminal. The USB input means a battery bank can easily be used as your power source, and the screw terminal allows any other input source to be connected, such as AA and 9 V batteries, or even an old 7 V wall adapter you might have lying around.

With only one button and one potentiometer dial ANT BBPS is particularly easy to use. The potentiometer sets the output voltage and the button enables it. The button is also used to access the menu. As a final feature, ANT BBPS is designed to be small, light and portable. All of this makes ANT BBPS ideal for prototyping digital and analog circuits.

Features & Specifications

Intuitive and Simple to Operate

1. Startup

2. Set Output Voltage

3. Set Current Limit

Easy to Configure

Over Current Condition

OLED Orientation


ConnectorsUSB-C & Screw Terminals USB-A & DC Barrel DC Barrel
Input4-12 VDC 6.5-12 VDC 6-12 VDC
Output voltageAdjustable 1.8-12 VDC Fixed 3.3 V / 5 V Fixed 3.3 V / 5 V
Output current1000 mA 700 mA 800 mA
Over current protectionYes No No
Display currentYes No No
Current limitAdjustable No No
Covers breadboardNo Yes N/A
Does it get hot?Cool as a cucumber Gets hot Gets hot

Open Source

You can find our open source schematics and firmware in our GitHub repo.

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In the Press

Geeky Gadgets

"Electronic enthusiasts or those looking to learn how to build electronic circuits may be interested in [this] small, portable yet fully functional open source OLED breadboard power supply."

Hackster News

"[A] simple yet elegant addition for solder-less breadboard prototyping."

Na Sota logo

Na Sota

"[ANT BBPS] offers a simple way to control current offering a wide input voltage range and up to 12VDC output."

About the Team

Digital Cool

Ontario, Canada

Simple designs, simple circuits

Radu Alexandru Babos

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