PL1-0 Universal Sensor Interface

Safely connect your microcontroller to higher-voltage sourcing and sinking industrial sensors

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Sep 22, 2020

Project update 5 of 6

Production Update

by Harris Newsteder

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a bit, but don’t worry I’ve been hard at work. I’m happy to tell you all that the boards have been manufactured by PCBWAY and all of the components have been acquired and are currently en-route to China for assembly.

After assembly and testing is complete they’ll be on the way back to Jacksonville, Florida. I’ll complete the final steps of production by soldering the through-hole components and assembling the DIN rail carriers.

Then, I’ll ship everything over to Crowd Supply and you will receive your finished PL1-0 in the mail shortly after.

We’re still looking at an on-time delivery near the end of October so keep posted.

I’ll be providing more frequent updates now that production is in full swing.

Thanks again,

Harris Newsteder

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