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PL1-0 Universal Sensor Interface

Safely connect your microcontroller to higher-voltage sourcing and sinking industrial sensors

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Connect Your Microcontroller to the Industrial World

Microcontroller platforms such as Arduino are fantastic for prototyping. More recently, they’ve even started to find a role in the control of production and test equipment. But if you’ve ever attempted to use an Arduino for automation, you’ve likely discovered that the high-voltage sensors of the industrial world are far from compatible.

The PL1-0 is an 8-channel universal sensor interface board designed to tackle this incompatibility. It allows you to safely connect your 5 or 3.3 volt microcontroller to almost any discrete sensor.

Use It with Almost Any Discrete Signal

The PL1-0 uses a switched voltage comparison circuit, making the board compatible with both sourcing (PNP) and sinking (NPN) sensors operating at up to +30 V DC. Each channel operates independently and is individually configurable, meaning you can run any sensor on any channel at the same time.

The board also has a built-in 1 ms debounce filter, making it ideal for mechanical switches and buttons.

Safe and Power Efficient

The PL1-0 uses RF-based isolation instead of legacy optical isolation techniques. These isolators perform the same function as traditional optoisolators but instead of using visible light as the signal carrier they use a modulated RF signal. This has many advantages including much lower power consumption, better noise immunity, and better operating characteristics over the device’s service life.

These isolators keeps your microcontroller safely separated from field power up to 1 kV DC.

DIN Rail Mountable

DIN rail mounting is the industry-standard method of securing electronics for use in control cabinets and enclosures. It allows you to quickly attach and remove electrical components from a steel or aluminum rail with a standard profile. DIN rail is cheap and useful in both industrial automation and hobby electrical projects.

The PL1-0 comes with a DIN rail mounting option, making it an easy drop-in for any electrical cabinet. Alternatively, you can use the M2.5 through-holes located in the four corners to fasten it to custom panels.

Features & Specifications

Use Cases: Expand Your Sensor Options

Many advanced sensors are just not available in a voltage level usable by microcontrollers.

Color comparators, fiber optic breaklines, contrast sensors, and many laser sensors are only sold in a 10-30 V DC package. In addition, industrial sensors are almost always more reliable, higher quality, and better performing than a 5 V option of the same technology.

The PL1-0 allows you to combine the proven technology of industrial sensing with the convenience of microcontroller platforms.



PL1-0 Debounce HATArmtronix IA002
Inputs8 6 4
IsolationYes Yes Yes
DebounceYes Yes No
Input ConfigurationPNP / NPN PNP / NPNPNP
Isolation TechnologyRF Modulation OpticalOptical
Voltage5 - 30 V 3 - 24 V12 - 24 V
5 V CompatibleYes No No
DIN Rail MountingYesNo No
Open SourceYes Yes Unknown

Support & Documentation

The PL1-0 is a fully open source project. All aspects of the board’s electrical design, including the schematic and PCB design files, are available in the project’s GitHub repository.

In addition, the PL1-0 has a user manual and full mechanical documentation, including 2D dimensioned drawings and a 3D STEP file.

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PL1-0 w/ DIN Rail Mount

A single PL1-0 sensor interface board with snap-on DIN rail mount included.

$42 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide


A single PL1-0 sensor interface board.

$35 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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Harris Newsteder is a Mechanical Engineer with a strong background in industrial automation and robotics.

Harris Newsteder

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