A simple, mixed-signal frontend

Jan 15, 2020

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Our Campaign Has Launched!

by Ning Wang

simpleFE is a mixed-signal frontend with fully open source hardware and software. It performs high-speed, two-channel analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions while streaming data to and from a computer. It is a powerful rapid prototyping tool, an excellent platform for learning about digital signal processing (DSP), and a low-cost way to explore the world of software-defined radio (SDR) baseband communication.

We designed simpleFE because we wanted to create a flexible, high-performance DSP platform that was priced within reach of most creators. Instead of putting an expensive FPGA or DSP on board, all of the signal processing happens in software on a connected PC. This eliminates the need to port DSP code, which can greatly simplify your design process.

simpleFE has saved us from having to design complicated digital circuits and fabricate boards each time we start a new project. That allows us to focus on easily home-brewed analog circuitry and, most importantly, on the actual signal processing work. This, in turn, has saved us time and money while helping our projects succeed.

We hope simpleFE can help you as well!

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